1. dismembered, disjointed, torn limb from limb; dislimbed, amputated, cut or chopped or hacked or lopped off, removed; detruncated, (of a tail) docked, bobbed, trimmed; dissected, anatomized, vivisected, skeletonized, cut up.
2. mangled, butchered, slaughtered, lacerated, cut to ribbons or shreds or pieces or bits, hacked up, chopped up, dilacerated, ripped or torn or pulled apart, ripped to shreds, made into mincemeat; crippled, maimed, lame, disabled, injured, hurt, harmed, damaged; disfigured, defaced, deformed, disfeatured, marred, blemished, flawed, scarred, marked; ruined, spoiled, destroyed, vandalized, torn up, Sl. trashed.
3.(all of language) distorted, altered, modified, changed, unrecognizable, bearing no resemblance to the original; garbled, incomprehensible; bowdlerized, expurgated, purged, overedited, heavily edited; excised, expunged, deleted, blue-penciled.

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